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Supported Holidays

Supported Hoildays

Supported Holidays

We specialise in providing amazing supported holidays for adults with learning disabilities and additional support needs throughout the UK. Our supported holidays offer a fantastic experience that you will never forget in a fully supported and safe environment.

We support and encourage in all aspects of individuals personal requirements, enabling them to live an enjoyable and fulfilled life. We do this by working with the individual and all concerned parties and listening to all their needs. We then develop a personal package that will aim to enable the client to achieve their personal goals in life. We will review their goals and needs regularly to ensure if any personal changes or requirements are met and acted upon.

Supported Holidays for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Additional Support Needs 

Your Direction Ltd offers you a unique holiday experience, by offering you to make your own supported holiday. We believe individuals should have a choice and control of where they go and what they do on holiday and who they go with. We offer a programme that enables clients to design their own personal supported holidays to cater for their personal needs and requirements for either an individual or group of friends. We can arrange your dream holiday for you and your friends to a destination of your choice, in the UK or abroad, active or relaxing, it’s your supported holiday you decide. Your Direction Ltd provide fully inclusive supported holidays all year round.

Supported Holiday Brochure

Our 2017 Supported Holidays Brochure is now available to download. Please click the link below to view our fantastic holidays available to you in the coming year. If you would like a printed copy please contact us and we will send a copy to you in the post.

Click the link to download the PDF –  2017 Supported Holidays Brochure

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